EZ-Screen Portable Topsoil Screeners

EZ-Screens efficient line of Topsoil Screening Machines, Topsoil Screeners, Sand Sifters, Loam Screeners, Mulch Screeners, and Portable Topsoil Screens


The mission of Argus Industrial Co. is to produce the finest line-up of efficient, portable screeners – workhorse machines that out-engineer, out-perform, out-feature, out-last, and are out-and-out better values for the money than anything out in the market.

From topsoil screens for smaller jobs to larger screeners that will handle topsoil, rock, mulch, sand, compost, loam or just about anything else that can be separated by size, EZ Screen has the machine for you. EZ Screen portable screening plants also make recycling materials efficient and affordable.

All of our Screening Plants feature the EZ Kinetic Drive System. More horsepower isn’t always the answer. Not when more brains can do the job better.

Al Skoropa
Green Business Certified - Uniform Standard for Green Business Certification  Member of the BBB

Thanks Al, the screener has been fantastic! We’ve put a lot of material through it so it doesn’t owe us anything. Every golf course should have one!!

Scott Wheeler, Gorge Vale Golf Club, Victoria, BC

I call it my big, orange money machine.

 Desmond W., Windsor, VT

Our EZ-Screen hasn’t had even a minute of downtime. Nothing but on-site productivity.

 David M., City of Kirksville, MO

How does it compare with competitors’ screeners? Better and cheaper.

 Mark W., Arundel, ME

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600EZ-Screen 600

The EZ-Screen 550 is no more. After 13 years with hundreds in the field working every day, we’ve discontinued our smallest screener. But the good news is that we replaced it with our new EZ-Screen 600. Built with a double-deck screen box instead of … Read more

700EZ-Screen 700

With its larger,heavy duty single-deck screen, the EZ-Screen 700 is ideally suited to work with loaders with buckets ranging up to 1 ¾ yards. While the 700 is big enough for most screening jobs, it’s still light on its feet for site-to-site mobility. Read more

1000XLEZ-Screen 1000XL

Topsoil, gravel, aggregate, wood chips, street sweepings — bring them on! The 1000XL is an everything-in-one portable screening plant, designed to handle whatever kind of screening work that needs to be done. The 1000XL’s design, craftsmanship … Read more

1200XLEZ-Screen 1200XLS

It’s simple math: whether working with topsoil, compost, or gravel, ordinary box screeners can’t work as hard as the EZ-Screen 1200XLS. Unless they’re teamed up with two loaders. The reason is the 1200XLS’s built-in conveyor system. With a typical box screener … Read more

409EZ-409 Trommel

If your operation screens lighter, wetter materials – mulch, topsoil and compost – a trommel screener is the way to go. The constant tumbling action stirs up material over and over, fluffing it, adding air to lighten it, and keeping it contact with the rotating mesh longer. Read more