EZ-Screen Customer Testimonials

“I call it my big, orange money machine.”
Desmond W., Windsor, VT

“Look, you can run around and compare. But in the end, put your money where it’ll do the most. EZ-Screen.”
Mark P., Jacksonville, FL

“I hope my competitors never buy one.”
Clyde F., Standish, ME

“If it isn’t working on a site, it’s on the way to a site. It goes where we need it.”
Ralph H., Jackson, WY

“Our EZ-Screen hasn’t had even a minute of downtime. Nothing but on-site productivity.”
David M., City of Kirksville, MO

“It’s simple, works like a charm, and makes us money.”
Phil M., Hancock, NH

“You put in the dirt and out comes money.”
Neil D., Scottsdale, AZ

“How does it compare with competitors’ screeners? Better and cheaper.”
Mark W., Arundel, ME

“With our EZ-Screen on the site, it’s an easy way to make extra profit.”
Don W., Bedford, NH